ISO/TS 16949

Accredited OE Parts

Supply & Support from UK-Based Facility

Cost Advantage from Manufacturing in India

low cost country sourcing

without the barriers

  • Our parts are manufactured at our ISO/TS 16949 &  ISO 14001 facility in India

  • We take care of all the importation procedures to our UK distribution facility

  • We stock-hold and supply to your requirements, including schedules and Just-in-Time delivery

  • We are able to produce parts with complex geometries and those with specialised materials

  • We offer UK terms of trade


At Unifo'ge, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible. We achieve this by:

  • Supplying customer products and service on time, to specification, at very competitive prices,

  • Maintaining the highest possible standards of integrity and professionalism,

  • Continuously improving our processes in both our UK and overseas operations.

Our philosophy of working closely with our customers, both strategically and on a daily operational basis, means that we can deliver world class levels of service through our employment of lean techniques and by continually improving our processes.

We have developed our storage and distribution processes based on lean and just in time principles, and we are now delivering many quality assured parts on receipt, rather than using traditional supply chain techniques. This approach saves space, inventory and handling. With our comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry, we have helped our customers to further develop their world-class operations.